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Role: Sprite Artist

The Resource War was a mod for Paradox's 'Hearts of Iron IV' produced by myself and Thomas Slade with the idea of creating a polished, well presented, set of new mechanics that were as close to in-game quilty as possible with their art and implementation. 


The initial response from players was fantastic with the mod gaining over 5000 subscribers in the first weekend with many positive comments and constructive criticism.


My role within the project was in producing the artwork for each of the new equipment types added by the mod, as well as icons for the two new resources; Grain and Copper. The number one priority was to create sprites and icons that were as close to the in-game artwork as possible whilst being fully original and pulling little from the existing art.

Project (Mod): The Resource War

We were fortunate to have a player start to produce YouTube content early after release. You can see their first video here for a better look at the mod working in-game.



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